HACK to Basics: cash and carry


Hackers are threatening to take the retail sector back 50 years with their latest victory on corporate America.

Cyber criminals are no longer targeting individuals to obtain their banking and credit card details. They’re now focusing on where we actually spend our money. Why hack one person’s details when you can get millions of credit and debit card information by accessing the database of major retailers in one fell swoop?

Another one bites the dust, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. After success in compromising major retailers in the US, hackers are now so ambitious they’re going for the major banks who actually issue the credit and debit cards which hold our details. It’s no longer safe to keep your money in the bank and pay by card, which leaves the outdated alternative of paying by cash for all your major purchases.

Unfortunately, it seems that with every major hacking security breach you hear in the news, the damage skyrockets, and the casualties keep mounting.

Security experts such as myself and others are always warning you to use stronger passwords and be aware and on top of viruses and malware, websites such as my Information Warfare try to provide you with as much information as possible so you can protect yourself, yet as conscientious and diligent as you may be. it won’t protect you if your critically private and vital information is stored in a major database at a company, and the computer systems and network of that company are compromised in a major security breach.

The news is full of such events, but the incident at retailer TARGET finally got the general public to take notice, incidents quickly following like HOME DEPOT, Jewel-Osco, Michael’s, Neiman Marcus, and now the grand daddy poobah of them all, J. P. Morgan / Chase & Co hack exposed data of 83 million, among biggest breaches in history.

There isn’t an answer to the problem. Some may go back to cash and stuffing their mattress. There are plenty of band aids and patches that you may hear about, but nothing that is going to truly solve the problem in the near future.


Jacques Redmond

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