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Hackers Chip Away At Credit Security

EMV, A new kind of secure credit card will be issued by all major credit card companies starting in 2015. WOW Sounds great, more security is always a good thing right? Isn’t that what we all want? Well, hackers have already compromised it in several ways. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a joint venture and global standard for […]

Is The Grinch Stealing YOUR Christmas?

If you are venturing into a retailer this Christmas season, The Grinch may have beaten you to it. Cyber Grinches to be more accurate. Let me explain… Back in December, 2012, Israeli firm Seculert discovered “DEXTER“, which was then written about in an Ars Technica article. DEXTER is an especially sneaky piece of Malware that attacks POS […]

Big Data. It Wants To Pull You In.

Big Data. You have heard the term bandied about in the news more and more frequently. Have you thought about what it means to you? You will be surprised to know it’s all about YOU, probably more than you ever imagined, or wanted. What is “Big Data“? Wikipedia explains it nicely, “Big data is the term for […]

Will Disruptive Text Shield You?

It wasn’t that long ago, that the worst privacy issue we had to fear was someone trying to read a letter through an envelope held up to a bright light source. With the advent of computers, copiers, scanners, it brought things to a totally different level, especially when computers became able to READ text off […]

You Shall Not Pass!

Vulnerabilities, glitches, bugs, the software we use today on our computers and mobile devices is full of them, sometimes it seems problems are tripping over themselves. Every time we experience a glitch of some kind, it is usually down to “hasty programming“. When we download an app or software, and experience a freeze up, or […]

The Deciphering Factor

Over the last few months, you undoubtedly have heard a lot of crazy sounding stuff in the news, from National Security Agency (NSA) leaks from Snowden, cryptography, hackers, threats, vulnerabilities, and more. I want to start by saying it doesn’t matter what political side of the fence you are on, the purpose of my column this […]